Absolute Focus x Shan Studios: Absolute | Pause

September 28, 2019

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Event finished

12pm - 3pm

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Early bird: $450; Regular ticket: $500

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Janice Ng, Wendy Du, June Lam and Moy

Absolute | Pause' - A 3-hour workshop that shows you sustainable ways to bring mindfulness to your everyday life. Through nutrient-rich vegan food, pilates, yoga, and singing bowl meditation, we take you on this afternoon journey to raise your mental state to a higher level. Sponsored by Nood, John Masters, and lululemon, you will leave Shan Studios feeling full - mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Workshop rundown:

- 1 hour of energizing AbsFocus™ pilates-inspired class to start the workshop

- 45-minute Mindful Lunch and Sharing by Certified Raw Vegan Chef Moy from Nood. He will talk about conscious eating and walk you through his rationale behind creating this event's exclusive lunch menu. How powerfood plays a vital role in improving your mental health.

- 75-minute Singing bowl Meditation and Yoga Nidra provided by Shan Studios, led by Wendy Du and June Lam

About Absolute Focus:

Founded by AbsFocus creator Janice Ng, the company’s mission is to encourage individuals to strengthen their mental health through fitness and wellness.

Her cutting-edge abs program reshapes the way you feel about a traditional fitness workout. AbsFocus™ is a Pilates-inspired workout that focuses on the core. The music-driven workout enhances your bodily awareness, emphasizes alignment, and pushes your limits that takes you to the present moment.

Pop-up classes have been featured at worldwide locations - Hong Kong, Dubai, London, and New York. The program can be experienced anytime and anywhere on AI Fitness Mirror company, Kara. Press coverage includes Oriental Daily, Marie Claire, TVB Finance & Information Channel, and more.

About Janice Ng:

lululemon Hong Kong Ambassador Janice Ng (@janybeans) started her fitness journey since the age of five. She passed the Royal Academy of Dance in Ballet with distinction for eight consecutive years.

Prior to teaching, she worked at one of the top 10 global PR agencies. Certified in Lagree Fitness, NASM, and Polestar Pilates, her goal is to inspire you through exercises by pushing you to your limits and encouraging you to unleash your potential.

Her mental health journey in 2016 has inspired her to start a platform called Absolute Focus that empowers individuals to improve their mental health through fitness and mindfulness practices. Her motto is ‘Don’t let your mind be your worst enemy. Conquer it. Find your absolute focus and give your best.’

About Wendy Du:

A yoga and meditation teacher, Wendy's primary goal is to make meditation a regular part of everyday life. She completed her 200h RYT training in 2013, and is a current student of the MBSR meditation method. Wendy’s yoga classes focus on core strength, and emphasize safe and strong flexibility. Her meditation classes primarily focus on breath and awareness of the senses.

About June Lam:

June has been a dedicated Universal Yoga practitioner and teacher since 2007. Fascinated by the sound and power of Tibetan singing bowls for many years, she was finally able to acquire the playing skill in Nepal from the renowned master Santa Ratna Shakya in 2016. Since then, she combined her two passions yoga and singing bowls, in her classes to share the benefit of both with people and hope that they can find bliss in them as she did.

About Moy:

Raw Food Chef, Moises or Moy has been practicing raw veganism for years. Food and nature for Moy are synonymous, his diet reflecting the idea of “living Gaea.” Living Gaea describes the Earth as a metaphorical living organism that exists in harmony with other living beings.

As a yoga teacher and certified Raw Vegan Chef from the prestigious Matthew Kenney Academy and Elaine Love Pure Joy Academy, Moy’s particular areas of focus include conscious eating, devising a personalized diet regime, and preparing a juice fast detox programme.

Inspired by his travels and studies all over the world, Moy sees Nood food as a way to:
1. offer detox programmes and foods that are both delicious and nourishing to help busy people counterbalance their periodic overindulgences
2. contribute to sustainability by maintaining the lowest environmental impact through organic and local products.

He’s also certified on Holistic and Live Food Nutrition and Juice Fasting with Dr. Gabriel Cousens at The of Life Foundation. His menu showcases raw snacks, main dishes, and desserts that are chock full of superfoods. He is delighted to create foods for those who practice conscious eating and seek a more accessible way of maintaining health and balance.

About John Masters Organics:

At John Masters Organics, we believe in perfectly natural beauty --- beauty that speaks for itself when you look and feel your very best. By harnessing the power of organic, natural ingredients, combines with decades of expertise and innovation, we create exceptional beauty products that are good for you and the world we live in.

As John Masters once said: “Caring about yourself and the Earth should not be mutually exclusive…we only have one body and one planet, why not treat them both with the utmost care?” These sustainable principles guide us on a daily basis to ensure beauty and nature can truly live in harmony.

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