Support Your Spine

November 26, 2021

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06:00pm - 08:30pm

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Chops Hsu

In this two-day workshop, Chops will guide you to explore the release and mobilisation of the spine. The connection of our feet, legs and hips gives direct support to our spine. We will explore stability through the lower body by guiding through the 3 arches of the feet, 4 sides of legs and the 6 rotator muscles of your hips to give ultimate spinal support. We will also be releasing holding patterns in the upper body, so the spine can rest better onto the hips.  

*Effective wall exercises to connect the feet, legs and hips.

*Simple anatomy education on important landmark and muscle groups of the lower body.

*Simple breathing and movement exercises to release the spine.


Friday, Nov 26th 1800-2030


Saturday, Nov 27th 1300-1530


1600 members

1800 non-members

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