Maggie Lin

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Maggie's family name Lin (連) means to "connect", same as the Sanskrit for yoga, "yuj". For her, well-being comes from better connecting with the body and mind, with others, and with the wold around us.

To deepen such connections, she teaches yoga, shares mindfulness and integrates these into creative experiences- through the sensory, interpersonal and urban realms.

Twelve years ago, Maggie began practising yoga after retiring from junior tennis representing Hong Kong, and yoga became the topic for her Anthropology Master thesis. Through her personal experience, and having worked in the United Nations, non-profit and social innovation, she realised the most profound changes come from within, and from the self to others. Gradually shifting her focus to well-being.

A certified yoga teacher, she has completed courses at the Hong Kong Center For Mindfulness and Oxford Mindfulness Centre in the UK.

Inspired by Hong Kong’s history as an incense producer, she cofounded city perfumery nose hk, on smell and emotions. She is featured in a documentary Creativity Is, and serves as an advisor for the Design Trust Futures Studio.

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