Minnie Cheung

Yoga Teacher

Minnie started Yoga years ago, and feels enlightened by a consistent Yoga practice. From this, Minnie has learned to induce both relaxation and concentration by balancing the body and mind, and wishes to share these benefits with others. To create this experience, her classes focus on body alignment, movement, and the transitions between poses. Minnie became a registered Yoga Teacher certified with Awakened Life School of Yoga, and soon after, she started working in Yoga BamBam in 2016.

Minnie is a qualified Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Teacher, and is also a certified Children's Yoga teacher by Karen Wightman. She was a children's art teacher before teaching Yoga and has years of experience teaching children, specifically children with learning difficulties. 

She believes everyone should have an opportunity to experience the calm and peaceful state that Yoga can bring to each one of us.

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