asked questions

What is your class minimum number of sign-ups?

Classes will need a minimum of 2 students to run. Please make sure that you sign up at least two hours before the start of class to guarantee a spot.

What is the sign up policy?

We are currently not taking walk-ins. Please sign up at least 2 hours before class OR by 10:00pm the night prior for classes scheduled before 10:00am.

What is your inclement weather policy?

In the case of Black Rain, Typhoon 8, Typhoon 9, or Typhoon 10 signal; the studio will close 30 minutes after the warning signal is hoisted, and will re-open 2 hours after the black rain or typhoon signal is lowered.

If there is a class in session, the studio will close 30 minutes after class completion.  

In the case of Red Rain, Amber Rain, Typhoon 1, or Typhoon 3 signals; classes will continue as scheduled.

Why did a class disappear online that was there a moment ago?

We cancel a class with no sign-ups 2 hours prior of the class start time. Please make sure to book at least 2 hours in advance.

How far in advance, or how close to the start time can I schedule classes?

The schedule window closes 2 hours prior of the class time, please reserve mat beforehand.

I don’t think I can sit still for more than five minutes, how could I complete a meditation class?

Just like a physical fitness journey, the mindfulness journey requires practice. Each class is a judgment-free experience with ample guidance from the teacher. In the same way that your first hike or HIIT class was difficult, some struggle in your first meditation class is normal. However, attention, like physical endurance, can be improved through consistent and continuous practice. Alternatively, if you do not wish to sit still for an entire class, all our yoga classes incorporate a short seated or reclined meditation period.

What should I wear?

For a yoga class, active wear or clothing that is comfortable to move in is required. For a meditation class, comfortable clothing or office wear are okay. If your clothing does not allow you to sit on a meditation cushion, chairs are also available. We discourage wearing restricting or uncomfortable clothing to any of our classes.

What is your cell phone policy?

All cell phones in the meditation room should be put onto airplane mode, switched off, or on silent AND non-vibrate.