Nick "Chops" Hsu

Yoga Teacher

Prior to teaching yoga, Nick “Chops” Hsu was a personal trainer, inspired and fulfilled by helping people become a healthier version of themselves. Chops changed his path to yoga teaching in 2007, and feels blessed to have work alongside Patrick Creelman for over 1000 hours.

Chops yogic path took a turn when he discovered the breath focused and internalizing approach of yogi Richard Freeman which helped Chops manage longstanding injuries from his lifelong competitive nature in sports. Through this more internal yoga practice he found himself more compassionate to himself and to those around him.

Over the years, Chops has taught at Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei. His teaching continues to evolve though his style remains challenging with long holds, steady focus with mindfulness breathing.

“Being compassionate and offering gratitude brings light to yourself and those around you.”

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