Wendy Du

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Wendy is a yoga and meditation teacher whose primary goal is to make meditation a regular part of everyday life. She completed her 200h RYT training in 2013, has an MA in Buddhist Studies, and is an MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) teacher qualified through Brown University.

Wendy started practicing yoga in her early teen years. While she started with a dance background, she became interested in the introspective nature of yoga. She was surprised that she was able to improve her flexibility and strength much faster in the yoga studio. It was a non-competitive environment that did not make beginners feel inadequate or unseen because they could not perform certain postures. Along with the physical practice, Wendy felt that the meditative practices of yoga had a lot to offer. After exploring various traditions of meditation, Wendy found MBSR in 2016, and has followed that tradition since.

As a strong believer in cross-training, Wendy trains powerlifting and contortion alongside her contemplative practices.

Wendy’s yoga classes focus on core strength, and emphasize safe and strong flexibility. Her meditation classes primarily focus on breath and awareness of the senses.

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